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Vision Statement

Our mission is to provide exceptional service, unwavering support, and superior quality to our valued customers through our vast experience and knowledge of the industry. Our Vision expands across various shipping points and unfailing partnerships with our growers, all while adhering to the highest food safety standards.

Specialized Packaging

Specialized Packaging_09062018.gif
We offer a diversity of packing styles for our high-quality fruit.  This ranges from retail bags of lemons, deep green limes for food service, and bulk packs for wholesale.  We are also able to customize these options to fit our customer’s needs.

Food Safety Plans

Through our unique grower partnerships, Vision Import Group ensures all commodities are held to the highest food safety standard. Through the growing, shipping, and packing of our products, all processes are compliant with United States food safety regulations. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide thorough and up-to-date documentation to our customers across all stages of the supply chain operation.
Food Safety Plans.png

Trade Shows

The Vision team participates in many national and international industry trade shows throughout the year. This includes large shows, such as the PMA, but we also find value and importance in participating in the smaller, regional shows, such as Southern Exposure and Viva Fresh Expo. In preparation of these events, we always anticipate meeting new and existing customers, as well as
grower partners.

Let's Grow Together

Interested in becoming a part of our Vision? We constantly strive to offer consistent volume, all at the highest quality and fairest price. Our year-round availability of limes, lemons, mangoes, and pineapples allows us to stay up-to-date with seasonal market trends per commodity.
We’ve got you covered! And this is only the beginning…
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